how Tangled touched my heart

Ok well I can’t talk about happily ever after without referring to the life lessons I found in Disney’s version of one of my favorite stories: Rapunzel. Ever since my mom told me the tale as a child I wanted to be like the beautiful maiden in the tower. Surely if a handsome young man was willing to climb a tower to see me I’d feel like I was worth something.

Disney’s version surpassed any Rapunzel story I’d ever heard. (No offense, Mom!) With the witty and charming Flynn Rider, the hilarious tavern patrons, and adorable animals–this movie pulled it off.

But what I love is the lanterns.

Ever since Rapunzel was kidnapped from her parents (who just happen to be the king and queen), they release floating lanterns on her birthday. Although she grew up seeing the lanterns in the distance, Rapunzel had no idea who they were for or even what they were. She assumed they were stars and secretly wondered why they always came out on her birthday. So, on her 18th birthday she happens to find Flynn Rider, who agrees to take her to see the “floating lights.”  Lots of adventures ensue and the two young people eventually make it to see the lights and start to see each other differently. It’s sweet, romantic even.

But my favorite part about the lanterns has to do with a romance much deeper than Disney. There’s a Love far greater than any earthly love that desires our attention. The God of the universe made us, lost us to our sin, and longs for a relationship with us again.

Just like Rapunzel’s parents released the lanterns in hopes that someday she’d return, the Creator has put lights in the nighttime sky and colors in the sunset. He aims to woo us with the gorgeous green of the ocean or the sound of a baby’s giggle. Each gentle breeze and each cotton ball of a cloud in the blue sky is meant to draw us back to Him. He longs for a close relationship with us. And we are restlessly wondering about the lights out the window until we realize it’s Him calling us. We will never feel real peace, know who we truly are (daughters of the King) until we respond to His call.

So I tear up every time I see this movie. Not because of the human love story, but because those lanterns are meant for me. And you. The King loves you so much that He won’t stop sending you signs of His love. Do you notice the lanterns He’s sending you? Just watch. Look around and listen. He’s there. He’s calling you to fall into His embrace of unconditional love. You, dear woman, are His precious daughter that He’s been waiting for. And His love beats a man’s love any day.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…”    James 1:17